David Rose-Carmack

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My Story

I was born in Hampton Roads. I grew up in Hampton Roads. This community has always been the one place where I feel at home.

I take such pride in my community, for the growth and change I have seen it undergo even in my lifetime. I have always wanted to serve this community that has given me so much inspiration, to help it soar to ever higher heights.

As a student of political science, I know exactly how I can give back to you. Virginia's 83rd needs leadership with a clear vision for the future, someone who will work tirelessly in Norfolk, Virginia Beach, and Richmond to help make that vision a reality.

I believe I am the person to take on that challenge, to work with leaders in Norfolk and Virginia Beach to make sure they have everything they need to make their cities, our community, prosper.

Look around, ask me questions, help me show you why you should head to your polling place this November and choose David for Delegate.

- David Rose-Carmack

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A New Vision for Our Community


We have a responsibility to provide good service to all citizens in a way that honors the investment every citizen makes through their tax dollars.

It's just good governance.

Civil Rights


We are stronger when we have a clear sense of ourselves, and support from our loved ones and communities. I am running this race because we need more love. Nothing could be more important.


We need an open conversation about Virginia's voter disenfranchisement. How can felons earn the right to rejoin our community after they serve their time? Every sentence can't be a life sentence.


An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. It's time we get smart about our drug laws. Why not legalize and regulate marijuana to provide funding to mitigate the opioid crisis in our state?


Create An Environment For Growth

A good start leads to a good future. We need to support our new parents when they need it the most. Paid maternity and paternity leave improve families' financial health and the health of children.

Equal Pay For Equal Work

The title says it all. If you do the same job and have the same tenure, there is absolutely no justifiable reason that you shouldn't be paid the same wage. We must take steps to eliminate the gap.


K-12 Education

One of the government's most basic responsibilities is to ensure that our youth are prepared to contribute to their community. If we fail at that, we have failed to govern.

College Affordability

When we invest in our people, they invest in us! Tuition free Trade School, Community College, and University Studies will help all of our citizens pursue their dreams and support their families.

Clean Energy

This is a Beach town. That means we have all the sun and wind we need to power our community from within our community, to cut money out of our power bills and put it back into our pockets.


Why pay more for less care? We can provide every Virginian with quality healthcare and save money by creating a single body to provide care for all and to negotiate for better drug and care prices.


"Send us your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free." If you would cross a war zone, a desert, and an ocean in order to be an American, then I tend to believe you should be.


If our citizens can't make it to work without hitting 7 potholes, where exactly are our tax dollars going? We need to invest in our roads and bridges, and in a robust expansion of the tide.