Candidate for Virginia's 83rd

Statement Regarding The events in Charlottesville

This weekend, a group of Nazis assembled in Charlottesville to protest the erasure of their ideology. For almost 2 days, the gathering was defined by violent outbursts perpetrated by the Nazis against peaceful counter protesters.

The violence culminated in an unthinkable act of terrorism that left one dead, many injured, and a commonwealth shaken.At this point, every Nazi who showed up in Charlottesville will live to see their families again. The same can no longer be said of the counter-protesters. So who exactly is trying to erase whom?

Today, I’m sending up prayers of healing for the injured, comfort for the family of the person who lost their life, and resolve for the people standing up and fighting for love. The violence that characterized this weekend’s events was disturbing, the terrorism unacceptable.

There is no place for such hate and violence in this nation or our commonwealth. These events remind us that the fight for love is never over. We will not give up the fight.