Candidate for Virginia's 83rd


Statement Regarding The events in Charlottesville

This weekend, a group of Nazis assembled in Charlottesville to protest the erasure of their ideology. For almost 2 days, the gathering was defined by violent outbursts perpetrated by the Nazis against peaceful counter protesters. The violence culminated in an unthinkable act of terrorism that left one dead, many injured, and a commonwealth shaken.At this […]

Redistricting Reform

Every ten years, after the census, the Virginia legislature draws new district boundaries for our US Representatives and our state legislature. This process of redistricting has historically given the majority party in the Virginia legislature an opportunity to “gerrymander,” or deliberately manipulate the new boundaries in order give their party an advantage in future elections. […]

Medicaid Expansion

I am an advocate for Universal Healthcare. I personally think the entire debate around healthcare is infinitely more complicated than it has to be because we simply refuse to talk about the elephant in the room: For-profit health insurance companies are cashing in on human suffering every moment we continue to allow corporate profit to […]


I know from personal experience what happens when health care is a privilege for those who can afford it, rather than a right for all citizens. My family has suffered under stifling medical debt, resulting from both injury and illness. It is a fate that no family should face. Yet too many hard working people […]